Septic & Wastewater Treatment

Our specialty is treatment plants.
We are state certified in all areas of Wastewater Treatment plants. We install them, clean them out, repair them, and we offer certification on them.
What is a treatment plant?
Aerobic treatment units or treatment plants-generate high quality effluent containing carbon dioxide and a variety of oxidized end products. Unlike septic tanks, the wastewater is treated in the presence of oxygen. This is accomplished through use of an electric air pump (aerator pump), which mixes air with the wastewater in the tank. Because the effluent is of such high quality, aerobic treatment units are usually installed as a discharge system.
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Aerobic Treatment Plants or Wastewater Treatment Plants

What are Aerobic treatment units specific discharge systems?
In discharge systems, the wastewater is treated then released on top of the soil. This wastewater must be chlorinated before releasing. The treated wastewater may be released at a single or multiple discharge points or sprayed over the soil via spray heads. Many homeowners dislike the excessive wet area often created in their yard by single or multiple discharge points. As an option, they many choose a spray discharge system, which spreads the wastewater over a larger area and reduces the likelihood of an extremely wet saturated area.
How do you maintain a wastewater treatment plant?
Because treatment plants use an electronic motor to treat the wastewater, it is essential that the motor be maintained. Also it is imperative that you have the system cleaned every two to three years. There are several variables that will determine how often you need it pumped out. Some variables and circumstances include but aren’t limited to; certain makes and models, an increase in the number of people living in the home, and the use of a garbage disposal may require more frequent pumping and maintenance. Some systems require yearly pumping.